Human Rights Charter - VIC

The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic) is one simple but important law that sets out our freedoms, rights and responsibilities.

This formal recognition of our human rights protects people from injustice and allows everyone to participate in and contribute to society.

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State Disability Plan 2002 – 2012 (Victoria Only)
The vision for the State Disability Plan is a broad vision that offers potential benefits to all members of the Victorian community. This State Disability Plan is particularly concerned with the potential benefits this vision can offer to people with a disability.

The Victorian Government’s vision for the future
By 2012, Victoria will be a stronger and more inclusive community - a place where diversity is embraced and celebrated, and where everyone has the same opportunities to participate in the life of the community, and the same responsibilities towards society as all other citizens of Victoria.

This means that if you have a disability, in 2012 you will be as much a part of things as anyone else. As a citizen, you will choose the role you want to play in society alongside other citizens. Your rights and dignity will be respected and upheld by the people around you.

The Draft 2013-2016 Victorian State Disability Plan can be found at,-programs-and-projects/plans-and-strategies/disability-services/state-disability-plan

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