NDIS Teacher resources and information about post school options to assist their students’ transition from school.

This be used in conjunction with the relevant Education Department’s current policy, guidelines and practice. It is not the intention to provide additional work, but rather assist teachers in identifying useful relevant resources for students who are considering the post school options, including accessing the NDIS.  School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) is an NDIS funded post school support which aims to build capacity for school leavers with a disability, but this is only one option. Below is a list of links that you can access for more information as well as share with your students and their families.

NDIS information:

·         My NDIS Pathway booklet

Guide to being an NDIS participant

·         Local Area Coordination

The key roles of Local Area Coordinators (LACs), and where to find your Local Area Coordination service.

·         Getting ready for your planning conversation

A workbook to help participants start thinking about things they might discuss in an NDIS planning meeting.

·         What do NDIS planners need to know about students to make Reasonable and Necessary decisions?

Explains how planners use the NDIS Act to determine what types of supports will or will not be funded.

·         Self-managing  

Explains the responsibilities and processes involved in self-managing an NDIS budget.

·         Understanding your NDIS plan

How to start using NDIS funded supports, understand budget management options, make payments, and engage with providers.

·         Links to NDIS Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

The Victorian Government Dept.of Education website


School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) information:

·         What is SLES?

A basic infographic that explains what SLES is and the types of supports students can receive with SLES funding.   

·         SLES bookmark

A printable resources that explains SLES in plain English for participants

·         SLES FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about SLES.

·         10 Questions to ask your SLES provider

To assist with finding the right provider to help participants achieve their employment goals.

·         What should school leavers bring to an NDIA planning meeting?

To help planners or LACs understand how to best support participants to achieve their goals.

·         Post school pathway options

An infographic that shows various pathway options for students leaving school, NDIS fund reasonable and necessary (R&N) employment supports in Community Participation (CP), School Leaver employment Supports (SLES) and Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE)   

Other useful links to help families:

·         National Disability Coordination Officer Program (NDCO) useful resources  

Further information about post school programs and supports outside of the NDIS.

·         Pathway to Employment for secondary students with significant disability

A flowchart of pathway options for secondary students, a Ticket To Work resource.

·         How to access a Disability Employment Service (DES)

How a DES (a mainstream service) can help, what types of services there are, and how to register.

·         What is Eligible School Leavers? (ESL)

Guidelines for DES Eligible School Leavers program.

·         Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) (supported employment)

Information about what ADEs are, their background, and their future.

            ·         Pre-panning Toolkit for Higher Education or Vocation Education and Training

NDCO have developed a collection of disability type specific NDIS pre-planning resources for people with disability entering Higher Education or Vocational Education and Training, designed to be used before starting a tertiary course at university or with a vocational education and training provider. These booklets will help participants identify what supports they may need, who is responsible for providing them, and how to access them.