14 Hour Youth Mental Health First Aid – Face to Face

Safer Communities 14 Hour Youth Mental Health First Aid – Face to Face

Safer Communities  most popular course comes to Melbourne in Term 4 2021 & Term 1 2022.

MHFA teaches PRACTICALEASY TO IMPLEMENT and EVIDENCED BASED strategies to support a young person experiencing a mental health problem, worsening of a problem or a crisis.

Every adult who lives or works with adolescents should do this course!

The great news is that effective early strategies can greatly reduce the chances of a mental health problem effecting relationships, educational opportunity and general well-being or contributing to other social problems. There has been considerable research done around the effectiveness of this training. Many high profile people have advocated for this course, including POTUS Barack Obama and Michelle Obama advocated for this course to address mental health issues in American Schools. MHFA was developed in Australia, but is now taught in 30 countries worldwide.

Modules covered include: Adolescent Development, Communication with Young People, Australian Mental Health Data, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Eating Disorders, Substance Misuse Disorders, Suicide Prevention, Responses to Trauma, Psychosis, Aggressive Behaviour and Deliberate Self Injury.


THU 16 & FRI 17 DEC 2021

THU 7 & FRI 8 APR 2022


8:30am – 4pm AEDT


Richmond Library, Richmond

Cost: $220 – $375 AUD


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