2021 Practical Autism Strategies Workshops

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders: Practical Strategies for Teachers 

(also suitable for Teacher Aides, School Executive, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists)

Would you like practical tips for identifying, connecting with and supporting children and adolescents on the autism spectrum?

Our 2-day workshops include videos of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum, their teachers and their families so you can better understand the world from an autism perspective.

You will participate in scenarios and group activities, and will receive workshop notes including many proformas and visuals to use in your school or service.

2021 Practical Autism Strategies Workshops

LIVE Interactive ZOOM Webinar 23rd & 24th August 2021 – Register Online or Download the Registration Form

LIVE Interactive ZOOM Webinar 18th & 19th October 2021 – Register Online or Download the Registration Form

Your questions answered (and more):

  • How do I engage with learners who are reluctant to enter the classroom, engage in group activities, or attempt written work?
  • How do I prevent and respond to children running from the room, hiding under the desk, hitting others, or being the ‘playground policeman’?
  • What role does sensory sensitivity play for students with autism in the classroom and the playground, and how can we work around this?
  • What visual supports and strategies can I use to increase predictability and decrease anxiety?
  • How can I include visual learning strategies in my whole class programming, rather than seeing autism strategies as something extra on top of my usual program?
  • What can I do with students who don’t talk at all?  How can I understand the triggers for their behaviour?
  • How can I support high school students to be more independent and take responsibility for their own learning?
  • When and how should I teach social skills, and when should we accept that older students have chosen not to spend time with their peers?
  • How can I support parents to consider having their child assessed for autism?
  • When should a child be told about their diagnosis, and when and how do I explain autism to the rest of the class?
  • How can I encourage my fellow staff members to try autism strategies?

You can choose to count  this workshop as 12 hours of Self Identified PD addressing 1.5.2, 4.1.2 and 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation.

For more information on our webinar in August CLICK HERE

For more information on our webinar in October CLICK HERE

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 02 4967 3363 or email us at autismunderstanding@gmail.com.

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