Have Your Say During the Disability Royal Commission- Your Voice Matters

Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) is writing a report about the experiences of disabled young people. This report will be our submission to the Disability Royal Commission in Australia.
The Disability Royal Commission is a way for the government to look into how disabled people are treated in Australia. They want to find ways to make sure disabled people are safe and treated fairly.
We want to make sure the voices and experiences of disabled young people are heard by the Disability Royal Commission. Our report will include the solutions that disabled young people want.
We are hosting several small group conversations over the next few months run by a disabled young person. This is a paid opportunity.
Upcoming Dates:
• Justice and Policing, 18 February 4.00-6.00 PM
• Health and Medical Mistreatment, 3 March 5.30-7.30 PM
• Education, 18 March 4.00-6.00 PM
• Access, 31 March 5.30-7.30 PM
• Housing, 15 April 5.30-7.30 PM
• Refugee and/or migrant experiences, 28 April 5.30-7.30 PM
• Text session-no video or audio, 13 May 4.00-6.00 PM
• Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander experiences (date and time to be confirmed)
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Learn more about the report we are submitting here

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