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The National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education Skills and Employment.

The NDCO program aims to drive change so that people with disability have equitable opportunity to access, participate and achieve their goals in tertiary education and subsequent employment.

There are 31 NDCOs across Australia, and 7 are located within Victoria. This website provides information about tertiary education pathways and subsequent employment in Victoria.

For professional development opportunities, resources, events, research, policy and advocacy updates and more please see our Victorian NDCO Post Archive.

For NDCO contact details,  please see below.

Banner Image for Pathways to Tertiary. Graphic of School back pack with multiple arrows pointing to a graduation cap and rolled up qualification. April 28th to May 19 2021. Register tinyurl.com/p2t-21.

P2T is an online series of events, culminating in a virtual opportunity to connect with TAFE and university disability practitioners. This project is aimed at improving the transition of students with disability from secondary school into tertiary education.

NDCOs will engage with stakeholders nationally including the VET and Higher Education sector to co-design the delivery of online content to provide students with disability and those that support them (including parents/caregivers, school educators/careers practitioners) with access to critical and timely information about preparing for tertiary education.

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Region 11
Inner & Northern Melbourne

  Brighdie O’Dwyer
P: 03 9686 2354
M: 0491 208 630

Region 11: Inner & Northern Melbourne

Region 12
Western Melbourne

Ali Parker
P: (03) 9246 8567
M: 0413 362 076

Region 12 – Western Melbourne

Region 13
Eastern  Melbourne

Amii Demanuele
P: (03) 9686 2354
M: 0422 274121

Region 13: Eastern Melbourne

Region 14
Southern Melbourne

Sally Bailey
P: (03) 9784 0444
M: 0439 897 027

Region 14: Southern Melbourne

Region 15
Northern Victoria

 Mark Cottee
P: (02) 60556309
M: 0439 207671

Region 15: Northern Victoria

Region 16
Western Victoria

 Pam Anderson
P: N/A
M: 0418 108 555

Region 16 – Western Victoria

Region 17
Eastern Victoria

 Leanne Russ
P: N/A
M: 0418 208 039

Region 17 – Eastern Victoria