Neurodiversity Hub

Neurodiversity Hub

In the workplace it is the idea of inclusivity that extends to neurological differences, including hiring and retaining talent with neuro-variations such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia.

Through the passionate efforts of a great many people in the Neurodiversity Hub community of practice, some fabulous resources have been assembled that we hope will go a long way in assisting students and young adults get through their university and college studies, obtain a job and start a career.
There are resources for autistic students and young adults, parents and carers, employers, university staff and senior secondary school students.
There are also two new sections:
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Providing programs and materials to support neurodivergent individuals navigate the entrepreneurial journey
Providing materials for employers to support their employees harness diversity of thought in intrapreneurship programs
‘Enabling Spaces’ – a community of practice for architects and building designers to promote more inclusive spaces.
Please spend some time checking out these great resources.

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