5 ways Support Coordinators can help NDIS participants find a job

Supporting Employment Outcomes - advice for Support Coordinators Author: Sally Coddington Published by DSC 1 March 2020 The NDIA has been busy making changes to NDIS funding for employment and has an employment strategy aptly titled the NDIS Employment Strategy 2019 – 2022. While all this effort indicates a welcome emphasis [...]

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Employment Support Coordination – Professional Development

The NDIA aims to have 30 per cent of participants of a working age in meaningful employment by 30 June 2023 and it is busy making changes to the NDIS funding for employment. But low expectations, ongoing and systemic discrimination and complex employment support systems persist as barriers to reaching [...]

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Host NDIS info sessions and workshops

What is this all about? Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) has funding to host 47 information sessions all over Australia and online between May and December this year. The workshop information and booklets are all ready to go - but we need a few more people with disability from different parts [...]

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The voices of children and young people with disability

The primary purpose of this work was to ensure that children and young people with disabilities in NSW had the opportunity to express their voices, opinions and experiences in line with the principle of participation emphasised in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the Convention [...]

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Getting Work Ready for students with diverse AbILITES Lifelong Learning Festival Event

Getting Work Ready for students with diverse AbILITES Lifelong Learning Festival Event When: 19th November 2020, 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm Where: Online via WebEX Do you have a young person with a diverseability who is wondering how or where they will secure employment in the future? Join our expert [...]

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Supporting young people with disability to access NDIS employment support

The NDIS Price Guide 2020-21 outlines that transition and employment support can be ‘supplied to any working-age participant (including students reaching working age) with an employment goal'. This may include supports to: explore what work would mean for them (discovery); build essential foundation skills for work; managing complex barriers to obtaining and [...]

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NDCO National School Leaver Fact Sheet 2020

NDCO National  School Leaver Fact Sheet  Important information for school leavers with disability can be downloaded from this link. NDCO School Leaver Fact Sheet - 2020-1 WORD School Leaver Fact Sheet - 2020-1 PDF

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