I CAN National Online Group Mentoring

Our Autistic-led online mentoring programs offer safe, supportive spaces where Autistic young people can connect with I CAN Mentors and peers to share interests and common experiences. To express your interest for 2022 please complete our ‘Expressions of Interest’ via the button below, download our flyer or contact us at online@icannetwork.com.au.


We offer online group mentoring programs for 8 – 22-year-old Autistic people. Our programs have proven to build confidence and social connection in a safe environment. Autistic young people are able to be themselves and are met with acceptance, not judgement. The online group mentoring program meets young people where they are at and endeavours to provide a safe space where a young person can be themselves.

I CAN Groups- 8-22 years old

I CAN Groups are designed for Autistic children, teens & young adults and cover numerous topics including but not limited to: self esteem, change, transitions, Autistic identity, self-care, relaxation, stress, strengths and many more topics that change on a rotating basis. These groups offer a safe space for participants to connect with peers who they can relate to due to shared experiences.


I CAN Imagination Club® offers a safe, engaging environment where Mentees are encouraged to recognise and celebrate their own strengths. Participants do not need a diagnosis of any sort in order to join and benefit from the I CAN Imagination Club®. They are invited to take part because of their ‘big imaginations’ and we do not explicitly discuss Autism. All topics will be covered in an age-appropriate way and may include but are not limited to: belonging, self-esteem, self-care, social groups, interests, sensory needs, change and transitions. This is most suited to those in their primary school years.

I CAN Special Interest Groups (Topics Vary)- 8-22 years old

I CAN Special Interest Groups are designed for Autistic children, teens & young adults to connect to peers and mentors with the same special interest and share these passions and shared experiences with others in a safe and fun environment. The content will be based on the special interest chosen and the content changes on a rotating basis to cater for ongoing participation across the year.

I CAN LGBTIQA+ 13-22 years old

I CAN LGBTIQA+ is designed for Autistic teens and young adults who identify as LGBTIQA+ (including those who are questioning). This group offers a safe space for participants to connect with peers and mentors who can relate and explore topics including, but not limited to: Autistic & Queer identity, pronouns, Queer culture, belonging, gender, sexuality, social connections, self-care, emotion regulation and sensory needs.

Please see our KEY DETAILS pdf. for more information go to the I CAN Online website page or email us at: online@icannetwork.com.au

All I CAN Mentors and staff have completed our child protection training and hold current Working With Children Checks or Blue Cards.


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