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NDCO program initiatives

The NDCO program is currently working strategically and collaboratively on a number of initiatives.  These will be added to this section over the coming weeks.


Tertiary Education Disability (TED) Careers List for Victorian secondary school careers practitioners

The NDCOs have created a closed email-list: Tertiary Education Disability (TED), specifically designed for Victorian secondary school careers practitioners to build your capacity to better support students with disability transitioning to tertiary education.

Melbourne Apprenticeship Disability Network

Whilst one in five Australians live with disability, only one in 29 apprentices discloses living with  disability when commencing an apprenticeship (AIHW). Research conducted in 2020 by the Eastern and Northern Melbourne NDCOs identified the need for opportunities for collaboration across the apprenticeships sector to identify gaps and barriers and drive change to improve apprenticeship opportunities for people with disability across Melbourne.

TAFE Specialist Employment Partnerships (TSEP)

The TSEP project aims to meet with as many TAFE students with disability as possible to identify and address the systemic blocks and barriers to employment, whilst simultaneously providing a specialist employment support for short term impact.