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Expo Video Resources


Support in TAFE and University

Tips for Tertiary Part 1

Tips for Tertiary Part 2

Accessibility at RMIT | RMIT University

Know your Rights

What are disability rights in Education?

Disability Employment Services

What is a disability employment service?

Pathways to Employment NDIS explanation

NDIS Page – Getting Job Ready

School Leaver Employment Supports

NDIS stories

What is School Leavers Employment Supports?


Videos and stories

Kathryn’s story – – Summerland House farm

Jonty – Back living the dream (video) –

The Brike Project (video) –

Bus Stop Films (video) –

Lauren & her love of lego –

Victoria’s café career (video) –

Building Bens Village (video)  –

Busy Beans (video) –

Justins Job Success (video) – – SLES – Kaitlyn’s story (video) – Alex’s Business – self employed (video)


Local Provider Videos


GenU – Best Day of My Life

Capable Me

GR8 Video

Amanda Eames – SLES Manager, E:

0403 996138, (03) 9793 9766

Wallara – Sages Cottage

Wallara – Hailey’s story






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