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NDCO Perspective Matters #6 African work expo October 22, 2018

Podcast # 6 African work expo, Albury Wodonga 17th October 2018

For this months edition of the NDCO perspective matters podcast series I managed to catch up with a range of attendees at a recent forum specially targeting the African community recently settled in the border region of Albury Wodonga. Number three in a series of workshops run by the locally support agency ‘Gateway health’, this particular event focused on introducing the local African community to a range of employment and transport support services.

I went along to find out more about some of these supports and also the main issues from both sides of the equation.

Big thanks to the organisers, support services and African community for allowing me access to hear about the challenges of being a new arrival in a foreign country.

To access the audioplease click here

NDCO Perspective Matters # 5 Pathway Options September 11, 2018

Podcast # 5 Pathway Options for students with a disability for career advisers.

On the 27th August my colleague Tracy Hetherton from region 10 and myself had the chance to present to a room full of school career advisers as part of a professional development day hosted by Charles Sturt University (CSU). Whilst the presentation focused on the transitional pathway options for students with disability we also touched on the impacts of NDIS, School Leaver Employment Supports and options when it comes to work experience.

A big thanks to both CSU and the Albury Wodonga Careers Advisers Association (AWCAA) for giving us the opportunity to present. As part of this podcast episode I have taking my audio from the day which has been matched to the Power Point used. You can easily follow along to the corresponding slide number on the Powerpoint downloadable below.

To access the audio – please click here.

To access the reports overview document also mentioned in this episode,  click here.

NDCO Perspective Matters podcast #4 Literacy August 6, 2018

Podcast # 4 Literacy Learnings, Steve Capp, Principal from West Bentleigh Primary School.

On the 26th July over fifty school literacy leaders came together on the border to hear from Steve Capp, Principal Bentleigh West Primary School to discuss a considered approach to improving literacy levels across all grades. This talk outlines the role of evidence based reading instruction, it’s relevance to improving results for students with dyslexia, and the importance of considering a suite tools such as phonetic awareness and multi sensory learning.

To listen to this episode of the NDCO Perspective Matters podcast – CLICK HERE

Also note the following resource links that accompany this episode:

  • Powerpoint used during the discussion. Includes additional resource links: CLICK HERE
  • Dyslexia in the Classroom, support document: CLICK HERE
Further note – back in 2016 the NDCO program helped facilitate a workshop focusing on this subject via what was/is called ‘Outside the Square’ project. In this workshop we featured a series of videos to further demonstrate the concepts and ideas mentioned by Steve Capp. I note that these videos are now available on YouTube:

NDCO Perspective Matters Podcast #3 June 2018 June 29, 2018

Featuring Michael Leonhard from the Corryong Neighbourhood Centre.

For this month’s ‘NDCO – Perspective matters’ I visit Corryong and catch-up with Michael Leonhard from the Corryong Neighbourhood Centre. During the conversation we cover a range of topics including; Community Services in a remote regional setting, some of the unique (and not so unique) demographics of Corryong, the rollout of the NDIS for their community, and also a some of the innovative solutions they have put in place to meet their specific challenges.

Click here to access the MP3 file.

NDCO Perspective Matters episode 2/18 May 31, 2018

Enhancing the Links— May Podcast special.

This month I had the chance to attend Canberra to help out with the Enhancing the Links forum managed by my NSW colleagues.  It was also a great chance to catch up on how the NDIS is impacting on some of the key pathway options for students with disabilities. In this episode I catch-up with NSW cross border commissioner James McTavish and Dalene George, Support teacher transitions from the NSW Department of Education. I have also included the key points from three of the key note speakers on the day; Paul Robertson planner and regional employment champion from the NDIA, Paul Musso from NDS and Frank Fogliati managing the ticket to work program in Canberra

You can access the audio via two ways by clicking on the following links.

(1) https://soundcloud.com/user-730773972/ndco-podcast-region-15-may-18

(2) By clicking here to access the MP3 file directly

NDCO Perspective matters podcast episode 1/18 May 1, 2018

Last year I experimented with a few podcasts just to get my head around the mechanics of producing this format.

I am glad to announce that I have started my 2018 campaign with the first episode of the year now available for listening. For our very first podcast of the year I caught up with Jess Bickham who is currently doing some student placement hours at Wodonga TAFE. Jess was born with Osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as ‘brittle bones’ disease, and in this conversation we cover the impacts of that condition from early age right through to her current studies and aspirations. It was a great delight to catch up with Jess and get some insights into her journey through study and work. I really hope you enjoy the discussion as much as did in putting it together.

To listen to the program please note the following two available methods of listening:

Via Soundlcoud – https://soundcloud.com/user-730773972/ndco-podcast-1-2018-jess-bickham

Or you can download and or listen direct by clicking here

Dyslexia Assistive Tech overview video July 2017 July 21, 2017

During July 2017 I had the pleasure of presenting to the Albury Wodonga Dyslexia Support Group. Thanks again for everyone who attended.

As promised you can access the resource sheet by clicking here.

For those that couldn’t make it –

I have put together a short video re the main presentation given on the night. I have posted this to You tube for easy access:

https://youtu.be/AKU7sIDf6DA or search  ‘Dyslexia Support Group video July 2017 ‘

Summary of the Diversity Field Officer Program May 23, 2017

A joint program by Deakin University and Australian Federation of Disability Organisations.

The DFOS was developed as an employer engagement strategy to work directly with small and medium sized businesses to build ‘disability confidence’, as a result of research highlighting the ‘missing voice’ of businesses of this size, especially their experience, barriers and views of employing people with disability in Australia. The DFOS was piloted over 12 months commencing September 2015 with approximately 50 small to medium workplaces across over 15 industries in Geelong, a large regional centre in Victoria, Australia.

To check out the findings from the pilot check out the summary: click here