The Wonderful World of Work – A Workbook for Asperteens

ASPIE EMPLOYEES (Jeanette Purkis 2014)

Some people call Asperger’s syndrome a disability or a deficit. Some of them think that people on the Autism spectrum are incapable of doing all the things that other people can do, like going to mainstream school, socialising, having empathy, playing sport or working. This is not a very helpful way of treating people on the Autism spectrum and sometimes it can pull us down and make us feel inadequate. There is another way of looking at this issue and that is that we can do anything we choose to. Our Aspie thinking styles and understanding of life are actually positive attributes which others value. Qualities like honesty, dedication, loyalty and integrity are very common among people with Autism, and almost everyone, Autie or otherwise, values these qualities in a friends or in an employee. There are examples of people on the Autism spectrum doing all sorts of things that people might not expect them to be able to do. Asperger’s is not necessarily a disability; its just a different way of processing information and approaching the world. Often what makes it a disability is the attitudes of other people and society generally. If everybody in the world had Aspergers, the world would still function. It would function in a different way to what happens now, but it would still work!

Author: Jeanette Purkis (2014) – The Wonderful World of Work – A workbook for Asperteens

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Jeanette has also published “Finding a Different Kind of Normal – Misadventures with Asperger Syndrome” available online.

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