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The NDCO program Victorian Website provides a hub of information to support professionals working with people with disability from the ages of 15 to 64 years who are planning on or currently participating in tertiary education and gaining graduate employment.

What we will share

– New resources to assist practitioners, people with disability and their supports.

– Events such as webinars, expos, conferences and graduate opportunities in relation to assisting people with disability who are planning on or currently participating in tertiary education and gaining graduate employment.

What we will not share

– Business  marketing material

– Onsite opportunities outside of Victoria

– Material deemed as inappropriate for the intended audience

– Material deemed as inconsistent or incompatible with current and emerging disability policy and practice.

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What happens next?

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Who are the subscribers?

The NDCO program Victorian website has almost 2000 subscribers and is constantly growing. The subscription list consistent of a range of professionals from senior secondary school staff, careers advisers, wellbeing staff, educational inclusion staff, , tertiary education providers and equity specialists and Disability Employment Services.


If you would like to discuss a submission please contact the site administrator

Sally Bailey or call 0439 897 027