Study of Australian School Leavers with Autism

What Happens After School? Exploring Post-school Outcomes

Dr Rebecca Flower led the following research about post school activities (e.g. employment, study)

Using data from the first survey in the SASLA study we found that young autistic adults were:
(a) less likely to be employed,
(b) more likely to attend technical and further education (TAFE) than university,
(c) more likely to enrol in higher education on a part-time basis and
(d) less likely to be engaged in both higher education and employment, than their non-autistic peers.

Findings highlight a need to understand post-school trajectories of young autistic adults. More research is needed among this age group so that we can better understand barriers to post-school activities, particularly employment, and then determine how to remove them.

Read the abstract here.

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