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Employment Assistance

Employment of people with disability is the responsibility of Australian Government Department of Social Service (DSS). The DSS provides programs and services under the  National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with permanent and significant disability  and Disability Employment Services for people people with disability, injury or health condition who may require assistance to prepare for, find and keep a job.

The NDIS supports for people to have more choice and control by providing funding to those who are eligible to chose their supports. For more information go to National Disability Insurance Scheme Employment Assistance.

To find out more about Disability Employment Services go to the Job Access website.

Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services have two streams:

Program A Disability Management Services are for job seekers with a disability, injury or health condition who need the assistance of a Disability Employment Service and who might need irregular or occasional support in the workplace.

Program B Employment Support Service  is designed specifically for job seekers with permanent disability who require regular ongoing support in the workplace.

Disability Employment Services are available  only people to with a permanent (or likely permanent) disability, and provide longer term, more personalised support to build capacity, look for work and stay in employment. With the introduction of DES access to training will also form part of the assistance provided. Some financial assistance is available to participants to obtain work related items or training, but is subject to negotiation with each provider. The service provides access to the Wage Subsidy Scheme and assistance to access the Supported Wage System and Workplace Modifications Scheme.

Special measures are in place to;

  • Provide support for school leavers with disability to look for work
  • Provide support for existing workers with disability whose employment is in jeopardy as a result of their disability
  • Provide support for pre-release prisoners with disability to look for work
  • Provide support for specific disability types from specialist providers

Job Access

JobAccess is an easy to use web site and a free telephone information and advice service where you can access confidential, expert advice on the employment of people with disability. It offers help and workplace solutions for people with disability and their employers.

The web site has been designed to provide information developed specifically for employers, job seekers and employees with disability, co-workers of people with disability and Australian Government employment service providers. It has step by step guides and checklists on recruitment, job searching, adjusting a workplace, employer incentives, understanding rights and responsibilities at work and much more.

Contact them on 1800 464 800 or online at JobAccess.

To find your nearest Disability Employment Services Provider follow this link Job Search Provider.

For information on employment supports funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme Assistance click here.