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National Disability Insurance Scheme Employment Assistance

The NDIS funds a range of supports for employment for eligible participants.  Graduating students with complex support needs are encouraged to check for eligibility with the NDIS. To see if you are eligible: 

or call 1800 800 110 and request an Access Request Form.

Local Area Coordinator (LAC)

The LAC Services role is to assist people with disability, their families and carers to build and pursue their goals for a good life, exercise choice and control and engage with the Scheme. To find your LAC go to this link.

School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES)

SLES offers those who are NDIS eligible support for up to 2 years after finishing year 12 to help get ready for work and plan pathways to employment. SLES supports are be tailored to meet individual employment goals. This may include:

  • Work experience in open employment
  • Job skills training
  • Travel training

The NDIA works with Education to support students with disability to make a smooth transition into SLES or other employment supports. To find out more about school leaver supports go to this link.

The NDIS may also fund employment supports, including:

  • on the job support if you need it in the workplace, including in an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE)
  • employment related assessments and counselling
  • individual and group employment support

Australian Disability Enterprises

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) are part of a continuum of employment opportunities for people with disability and act as a link, helping them gain training and experience to confidently step into open employment or to continue in supported employment if they choose.  ADEs support people with moderate to severe disability to engage in a wide variety of work tasks such as packaging, assembly, production, recycling, screen printing, plant nursery, garden maintenance and landscaping, cleaning services, laundry services and food services.

ADEs offer similar working conditions as other employers and an opportunity for people with a disability to contribute and connect to their local community.

For more information on employment supports covered by the NDIS go to this link.