Stride Education Careers and Transition – The Adaptor Project

The Adaptor Project 

The Adaptor project focuses on getting students ready for work and ready for life in the 21st Century.

In everyday life, the development of life skills helps students in the following ways:
Find new ways of thinking and problem-solving.
Recognise the impact of their actions and take responsibility rather than blame others.
Build confidence both in spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation.

These are key human skills that future employers deeply value and help build more rounded individuals with breadth and depth.

This is an action-based learning experience designed to foster wellbeing and social entrepreneurship among cohorts of students, teachers, industry and community partners. The Adaptor Project takes a group of students (Year 9 / Year 10 / VCAL) through 8 modules which are 90minutes per module and help them develop the skills tools and mindsets in the following categories:

# Adaptability – Personal & Social
# Imagination – Creative Thinking
# Codesign – Personal & Social
# Prototyping – Critical Thinking
# Collaboration – Personal & Social / Intercultural
# Reframing – Critical Thinking
# Empathy – Intercultural / Creative Thinking
# Social Leadership – Critical Thinking
# Self Awareness – Personal
# Story Telling  – Personal & Social
#Sustainability – Ethical
#Testing – Critical & Creative Thinking/Ethical

What Students Are Saying About The Adaptor Project?

91% of students participating in the experience found it engaging.

95% would recommend it to their peer group.

87% of students participating felt like they understood local community issues better.

83% felt that it helped them feel more confident in taking the next step in their career pathways.

If you are looking to refresh and revamp your careers program with a focus on preparing your young people for the future workplace platform, then this program that you need to look at.

NOTE: Please see the images below from The Adaptor Project.


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