Adaptive Music Bridging Program

Adaptive Music Bridging Program

The Adaptive Music Bridging Program is open to students aged between 8 and 14 years, who have a disability, chronic illness, mental health condition or are Deaf or neurodiverse. It is suitable for both new learners who have struggled to access instrumental music education, and current players whose needs are not being met by standard instruments or teaching techniques.

Students will meet once a week, rehearsing at the same time and in the same buildings as other ensembles in the MYO community. The team will work with students to assess their physical and musical skills and preferences to help them to choose and/or adapt an instrument that is suitable to their needs. The team will then work with them to provide the foundations of instrumental music education, including music literacy, performance and ensemble skills to prepare them to audition for MYO ensembles or take part in other musical experiences depending on their interests.

The Adaptive Music Bridging Program is part of a research project run by the University of Melbourne to help researchers better understand the needs of instrumental music students with disability. Participation is free, however students will need to purchase their own musical instruments. Student lessons and assessments will be video recorded for research purposes.

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