Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) Young Leaders Program 2021 Update

  • We are looking for 6 disabled young Victorians aged 20 to 25 to help us redesign the program for their age group. Please share the copy below!
  • We will be running 4 more groups of workshops again this year, all online, but two will be for 14-19 year olds and two will be for 20-25 year olds.
  • We continue our partnership with Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA), with our graduates attending CYDA’s excellent National Summit last year, and CYDA’s own leadership programming which is continuing in 2021. For those of you outside Victoria, click the link to offer the program to young leaders in your state!
  • Graduates of the program are now involved in a much more developed post-program experience. We are launching a collection of co-designed hangouts that allow all our leaders to meet each other. Our team member @Kelsey did an incredible job with 1 and 5 month checkins for all 2020 graduates. @Haley has redesigned our list of opportunities for graduates to now include more broad resources for things like finding a job, study, government connections and other ways to lead in our state. We are also offering facilitation training to graduates who want to level up further.

This year, all the applications will open at the same time, making it easier for people to sign up well in advance, and making it easier for you share the information.

For now, why not share a paid co-design opportunity to any disabled young Victorians aged 20 to 25?


YDAS are redesigning their Young Leaders program. It started as workshops for people under 19, but they will also be running a version for disabled young people aged 20 to 25. If you’re a disabled young Victorian aged 20 to 25, they’d like to invite you help redesign their leadership program so it is better suited to people like you!

Click this link to register for the redesign session.

You must live in Victoria to attend. This will be an online session. You will join up to 5 other disabled young people in a Zoom. YDAS staff will show you how our existing leadership workshops run. Then, they will ask you questions about how to change the workshops for people aged 20 to 25.

If you join the session, we will send you an agenda and visual script of the session in advance. That will help you know what is coming. We will use Zoom, and a website called Menti. You will be able to type answers into Menti, the Zoom chat, or use your voice. We will take a 5-minute break roughly every half an hour.

Those who join us will be paid $75. They will be paid with their choice of transfer to their bank accounts (by sending us an invoice) or a pre-paid credit card.

There is space for up to 6 people, but we have also enabled a waitlist. If someone cannot attend, waitlist members may be notified a few days before the session and asked if they would like to join instead.

Click this link to register for the redesign session.



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